About Me

Oh, so you really want to know about me?


My name is Monica Eggert

I’m and animator from Barcelona, Spain.
I’ve been fascinated by animation since I was a child and drawing was my favorite thing to do, so over the years I developed a passion for storytelling through these media, doing those comics and projects you do as a child that make you think you’re the next Walt Disney, and in my case even my final grade project was an “awesome 3D shortfilm”, that I won’t show you because the world is not ready for that. 

It’s not surprising that I really wanted to do this for a living. I studied three years in Ecib, where I learned a variety of things such as fundamentals of animation, cinema language, scriptwriting and edition, and in that same school I did a master in 2D animation.


After a year of working on a 2D cutout series on a local studio, I decided to go to Pepe School Land, which I consider a major pillar of my learning. There I was taught 3D Animation, Modeling and Storytelling by Daniel M. Lara, who then supervised me with my Demo Reel, a very special project that I encourage you to watch if you haven’t (please please please).
Now I’m looking forward to joining a studio where I can use my animation/storytelling skills and learn more and more.